1% Innovation Fund

We’ve agreed a 3 month trial of a ‘1% Innovation Fund’ with one of our Area Offices.

The thinking (the experiment) is that such a 1% Innovation Fund might be used to explore ways to better stretch the Business As Usual 99% spend.

Try Again

(Above is a photo we took of Dave Darcy’s Damn Fine Print.)

Up to now, Dublin City Beta Projects have looked for each budget (so far €0-1067 in range)  on a project-by-project basis, and it has been one extra thing that took up our limited time – so we expect that this will be of great assistance.

It has also been agreed that this budget is not directly connected to the projects that Dublin City Beta Projects looks at…that all suggestions go through the Beta Priority Table as usual – see here for more info on the process. (If they score highly – ie would seem to offer a very useful solution, with great return-on-investment for Dublin – they’ll be at the top of the Priority Table in any case.)

This trial budget is reasonably small at 0.25% (3-month trial, so 1/4 of a year’s 1%) of the budget of just one part of DCC’s overall budget. That’s perfect as it’s still very much an experiment and who knows what complications we might find, so first we’re just going to see how if this works or even makes sense.

If you know of similar examples from around the world, or if you’ve any advice or suggestions for us, please let us know in the comments below!

Update 19/08/13:

We’ve agreed with Dublin City Council’s Central Area Office to extend this 1% Innovation Fund trial for a further 5 months.

That will bring it up to the end of 2013 (and a total of 8 months), and we’ll review it then again in the new year.

Update 23/11/13:

You may recall that the Beta Projects mechanism was also included within the new Digital Dublin Masterplan a few months back.

We’ve now agreed that 1% of that budget (once confirmed) will be added to the 1% Innovation Fund. This will also proportionally increase the 0.01% Innovation Fund, and we’ll update on that at a later date.

(The Beta Projects mechanism within the Digital Masterplan is mentioned from 30 seconds into this explanation video.)

Update 08/01/14:

A section of Dublin City Council’s Drainage Division is now also contributing to the 1% Innovation Fund. This will be reviewed after a trial period, and we’ll update with further details as they develop.


About Dublin City Council beta

Dublin City Council are trying a new method called DCC Beta Projects...your input, then quick trials 'on the street', then your feedback! We'd LOVE your help!
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5 Responses to 1% Innovation Fund

  1. elaineedmonds says:

    This is a great idea!

    It could be great to hear where DCC staff think there are inefficiencies and ask if anyone has ideas for improving them or use beta themselves! In the mean time projects a go-go. Yay!

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