Beta - Tip of wedge How might Dublin City Council beta and Dublin City projects in beta support one another? We’re hoping to look at that as we evolve.

Beta Toolkit

A series of checklists and forms which (hopefully) make trialling new ideas easier to do.
(Not public as yet…we need to use them ‘in-house’ first for a while.)

Beta Warehouse

This is a list of equipment that Dublin City Council beta projects can make available to others for carrying out Beta Projects micro.
(Not available just yet.)


As we find ‘tools’ which help make explaining and trialling new ideas easier and cheaper, we share them here.


We found these very useful in all sorts of ways when it came to thinking about trialling of new ideas. They’re all generally non-technical and easy/enjoyable to read.


What do you think? We'd love to hear feedback! :)

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