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Evening Herald articles

‘Nother interview

Date: 26/04/2014
Source: Speedbird (Adam Greenfield’s blog)

Extract: Dublin is doing some very interesting things, with their city council’s Beta Projects initiative. 

International Seminar Sampa Criativa

Date: 03/12/2013
Source: Garimpo De Solucoes

Extract: To inspire urban managers of São Paulo and strengthen citizens’s commitment to the active transformation of their reality.

How you can help solve the illegal dumping problem in Dublin

Date: 23/06/2013
Source: Journal.ie

A Dublin City Council employee pictured near illegal rubbish.

Extract: IF YOU HAVE despaired at the appearance of illegal rubbish on the streets of Dublin city, then you have probably wondered if there was something you could do about it. You may think that all you can do is to wait for a clampdown to take place, but now people are being given the chance to submit their ideas to help tackle the issue, and the most workable ideas will be trialled in the capital.

Dublin Adopts Urban Hacking As A City-Making Tool

Date: 01/05/2013
Source: Pivot Dublin / Pop-up City bloggers-in-residence

Extract: We haven’t seen initiatives like The Studio and Dublin City Council Beta Projects before. The City of Dublin has found itself an innovative way of city-making in the 21st century, and we’re curious to see how this practice will develop in the coming years. The way the City adopts urban interventionism and hacking principles and how it turns these into a planning tool can be a valuable lesson for other cities.

City of Dublin embraces urban intervention

Date: 29/04/2013
Source: Shoot The Shit blog (link provided above auto-translates from Portuguese)

Extract: Different than most (if not all) of the metropolises of the world do, Dublin decided to do differently. With the goal of improving people’s relationship with the city, the city started the Irish capital to support initiatives that reframe public spaces through urban intervention.

Bottom-Up Urbanism

Date: 05/04/2013
Source: The Dublin Project

Image Sheet-Bottom up Urb

Extract: Dublin City Beta is an initiative set up by Dublin City Council (DCC) to quickly and temporarily trial new, positive ideas within the urban streetscape. While it facilitates a number of great bottom-up urbanism projects (some of which should have made this list) it is in and of itself, an urbanism initiative. While it may not actually be bottom-up, it certainly is a great example of the top end helping the bottom end to get their ideas onto the streets.

Meet some of the people helping to transform city streets

Date: 24/03/2013
Source: Journal.ie

Extract: Two initiatives currently underway in Dublin, Evolve Urban Art and Dublin City Council’s Beta Project, are demonstrating how people can have their say in how the capital presents itself, which in turn can inspire people in other cities and towns.


Date: 18/09/2012
Source: Rabble

Extract: According to its creator, the Beta area itself is a Beta project, a trial area for a trial project, if you see what I mean. The main idea is to innovate and quickly test new ideas directly on the street, but, according to its blog, Beta is above all there to ask you for your opinion, whether that be via twitter or the comments section online.

New Bike Stand, Capel Street, Dublin

Date: 14/07/2012
Source: Broadsheet.ie

Dublin Traffic Light Box Artwork

Date: 02/07/2012
Source: Street Art in Dublin

Traffic Light Box Artwork by Grainne Tynan

Dublin City Beta

Date: 26/04/2012
Source: Totally Dublin

Extract: Beta is still very much in conceptual mode, but is an encouragingly forward-thinking endeavor. 



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