Funnel Sketch - with text
(You can click on the image to see it at a larger size.)

We’re adapting the concept of ‘The Funnel’ from the Strategic Sustainable Development Framework above.

Organisations develop problems (become unsustainable) when they ‘hit the walls’ of the funnel. As times goes on, they’ve less and less room to manoeuvre (ie as they’re further on in time and further into the funnel) – which is why innovation should be a continuous process, rather than a last-minute panic.

Dublin City and Dublin City Council needs to find a way to avoid ‘hitting the walls’ of the funnel (finding itself in unsustainable situations, “failing”, and so on)…and it will need to do so with less and less room to manoeuvre at time goes on.

In order to do that efficiently, Dublin City and Dublin City Council needs to find ways to be able to easily and regularly innovate – and to innovate you need to be able to experiment and to then learn from those experiments. Those experiments are what we’re calling “Beta Projects”.


What do you think? We'd love to hear feedback! :)

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