Beta Approach

This page is a beginning of collating various ethos and design approaches to how we might approach issues or opportunities, and is a work in progress…


  1. Should we do it?
      • Is it a good idea, do people want it, will it solve an issue/opportunity, etc?
  2. Can we do it? (If answer ‘yes’ to question 1.)
      • Is it ok with regard to planning, health & safety, etc.
  3. How do we do it? (If answer ‘yes’ to question 2.)
      • How might it be administered? Is funding available as required? Etc.

Individual Solutions

  1. Friction
      • Beginning with the assumption that people are ‘inherently good’, if an issue is arising, first look at friction points within’the system’.
  2. Carrot
      • Once friction within the system has been smoothed out as much as possible, then look to incentivise the behaviour being sought.
  3. Stick
      • Only once there’s a frictionless system in place, and with carrots being provided to ‘do the right thing’, only then consider penalties and ‘sticks’ for doing ‘the wrong thing’.


  • Transparency (the idea that everything is open — principles and practices)
  • Co-Creation (conversations not broadcasts)
  • Lean Principles (keeping processes and costs “lean”)
  • Failure is OK (if learning)
  • Observing ‘Desire Behaviour’ (aligning citizens needs and behaviour with the beta projects)
  • People are ‘inherently good’
  • Highlighting Dublin City Council ‘thinking’ / innovation (politicians and public servants working in tandem)


  • It’s a general design rule that having to use signage (of any sort, anywhere) tends to be a poor solution. (How many signs do you know in your life which are routinely ignored?) It sits under ‘stick’ above and generally only should be used as a last resort.

What do you think? We'd love to hear feedback! :)

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