Dublin City Council beta

Dublin City and Dublin City Council needs to find a better way to discuss and trial ideas.

We’re exploring how we might develop such a better approach. We’re calling this approach and ethos Dublin City Council beta and calling the individual trials Beta Projects.

Pictured: Street conversations by council and non-council staff during Designing Dublin.

Beta - Traffic Light Box 1 - Holly+Cathal 3
Pictured: Traffic light box artworks Beta Project by Holly Johnson and Cathal McCoy.

This is a Dublin City Council project which was initiated as an ‘innovation time project’, is now being carried out part-time, and is being developed ‘bottom-up’ by Dublin City Council staff. It’s also a trial – itself “in beta”.

Read more about Dublin City Council beta.
Read more about Beta Projects.

26 Responses to Dublin City Council beta

  1. Mary Russell says:

    Are u looking for suggestions abt making dublin more accessible to visitors?

    • Hi Mary, all suggestions welcome on anything. What do you mean when you say “accessible”?

      • Liz McC says:

        I am a disabled driver and always have difficulty in finding a parking space in Dublin city. I am dismayed by your new seating area in Sth William St, taking up yet another space that I might have parked in. Also, why do council workers block off disabled spaces with their trucks every time they do work in the area? It’s difficult enough having a disability.

  2. Sammy says:

    Do you guys have an email alert/mailing system in place by any chance? I would love to get notification of when you are starting new projects, etc – Thank you

  3. Fg Gomes says:

    Sou Brasil city Brusque sc como faço implantar esse ideia na prefeitura Beta projects ?

  4. Paul says:

    I think the bike shelters are a fantastic idea.

  5. Ian says:

    Love the entire Beta idea. I too would like to see a Twitter account or email list to tell me about new Beta projects. Loads of WordPress plug in to help you do this real easy.

  6. Sinead Harris says:

    Bike security is a great idea. hope to see it rolled out all over the city.

  7. Pem says:

    Yep, roll out the shelters please

  8. David says:

    Hey, I really love the idea of these beta projects and want to endorse the likes of the traffic light box artworks and the bike hanger on Dillon St. However, I can’t help but notice how confusing the website is and how difficult it is to ‘vote’ in favour of an idea or give feedback. I see that you accept emails, posts of facebook, and tweets but really there should be a very simple and clear way to collate opinions or ‘votes’. It’s also doesn’t seem very transparent as to what projects are popular and worth pursuing. Like I said, it’s such a good idea but there really must be a better way to present it and show how each project is progressing.

  9. Jacqui Carroll says:

    I think the hangars is a brilliant idea,I work in a bike shop which my brother owns and the amount of people that do the bike to work,only for their bike to be robbed within a few months of getting it is unbelievable,a major problem in our capital city.This is such a great idea and people will not be afraid of leaving there bikes,as they will know they are safe.
    PLEASE PLEASE Dublin City Corp roll these out asap.

  10. RF says:

    Bike hangers are a FANTASTIC IDEA! Although Dublin has and supports infrastructure for cyclists, it is not on par with other cities. I’m very pleased to see the efforts made on the part of Dublin Council to provide hangers for bicycles. At present, locking bikes on street signs, poles and trees is far from ideal. Moreover, bikes locked outside are at risk of vandalisation and theft. The opportunity to have access to a bike hanger is exciting and I would certainly use it on a daily basis (and be happy to pay for the cost to keep my bicycle nearby and safe).

  11. deekerins says:

    More bike hangers please!

  12. Margaret Burke says:

    I think the bike hangars are a great idea – most apartments blocks don’t have adequate parking spaces for bikes.. Might need to think about how to deter graffiti..

  13. Jan says:

    I really like the #streetparkletbeta idea. Im sitting here right now having my coffee watching the world go by. It makes our city seem like a much more friendly place.

  14. Imelda says:

    Could the council put more bins in the streets and parks? PLUS change to a decent design with a wide oping on top so people can put rubbish in easily. If these were emptied daily – as in other countries – there would be less filth in the city, less ugly embarrassment when tourists visit- less seagulls infesting the urban areas. The council could employ more young people to do this, many would appreciate some paid work.

  15. Justin owens says:

    I’d love to volunteer!

  16. Lynda O Gorman says:

    Hi I’ Ve noticed the painted boxes around the Glasnevin Area. I didn’t realise it was a project until today. What a fab idea. The Artists work is fantastic and really adds to the area.
    Hope there will be a lot more. Well done to all invovled .
    Thank you

  17. Jimmy says:

    I really like the traffic light box artwork, makes the city a lot nicer.

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