About Beta Projects

Beta - Traffic Light Box - MrStarman
Pictured: Traffic light box artworks Beta Project by Starman Super.

photo 4
Pictured: Parklet Beta Project by David Andrews.

photo 4
Pictured: Curated Walls Beta Project by various.


It’s a better way for Dublin City and Dublin City Council to grow by enabling better use of trials – which we’re calling beta projects. It’s also a trial project itself and is continually evolving (this is version 4).
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Dublin City and Dublin City Council needs to be able to innovate – and to innovate you need to be able to experiment and to then learn from those experiments.
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Beta Projects are quicker, cheaper, easily-changed, trials. They are readily-identifiable as trials and actively look for feedback and suggestions from everyone, using the approach of early measurements, real-life observation and discussion to finally report on the trial in a simple and transparent way.
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Beta Projects are trialled ‘in the real world’ as soon as possible. This ensures that City Council staff can get to see how an idea actually performs in real life, and it also gives everyone a chance to give feedback and suggestions on the idea early on in the idea whilst it’s really easy to change direction.
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Suggestions for Beta Projects can be from anyone – Citizen or Dublin City Council staff. Those suggestions then go to staff who are interested in looking afresh at ideas and have self-selected themselves to be involved with Beta Projects whenever they’ve a chance (they’re all doing it on top of their usual work).
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