Let’s Talk!

We want your feedback, whether on the Beta Project Idea itself, on the Beta Area itself, on a particular Beta Project, or perhaps an Idea that you saw somewhere and that you think we should ‘beta’!

Email: betaprojects@dublincity.ie
Twitter: @DCCBeta
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DCCBetaProjects

Dublin City Council Beta Projects,
c/o City Architects Division,
Dublin City Council,
Civic Offices,
Wood Quay,
Dublin 8, 


13 Responses to Let’s Talk!

  1. mark kilpatrick says:

    This is a brilliant idea

  2. This is great, there is too many dilapidated buildings and streets in the city and so many artists.
    They need to be combined more often!

  3. Great idea! and good work 🙂

  4. Lorna Muddiman says:

    I really like this ‘Beta Project’ initiative. However, I hope that it’s genuine when you say that you will take us citizens’ opinion into account and initiate action/create policies based on our feedback and suggestions; that it’s not just another way to “keep us happy”, since the devil makes work of idle hands and all that.

    I would suggest trying to develp some kind of policy in relation to occupations and empty buildings, thus avoiding dereliction and disuse while so many people are homeless or are being forced into homelessness. I know that several countries / municipalities are introducing or have introduced measures that facilitate negotiations between property owners and people interested in the property, be they families, entrepreneurs / start-ups, individuals.

    Just this afternoon, I read about the proposed eviction of a squat on Manor St, Dublin. The guards have already been and gone, making threats in the meantime to return “in force”. I do not see how threats like this are conducive to such a situation. Rather than intimidation, authorities should be thinking about new ways to negotiate and reach decisions on issues of occupation of empty buildings. Actually, it is proven that legalised occupancy (temporary or long-term) can have many benefits for property owners and councils as well as the community.

    Some examples of “facilitator” policies:
    1. UK: West of England Empty Property Initiative (part of the larger ‘No Use Empty’ project/campaign): http://www.no-use-emptywest.co.uk/site/about_us_21.asp
    2. Andalucía, Spain: Introducing a Bill based on ex-propriation, delivering fines / sanctions to banks and subsidiaries that leave their properties unoccupied for a period exceeding six months.
    3. Wallonia, Belgium: Has introduced a Bill on requisition that facilitates negotiation and talks with the owners of abandoned buildings and other unused premises.

    Some success stories:
    1. In Sevilla, one “corrala” – comprises a network of evicted / homeless families who are occupying empty buildings – has reached an agreement with the property owner and authorities in which their occupation has been legalised to form a cooperative each paying a monthly fee of €80.
    2. Aquisition and conversion of empty cottage in Bath, UK, with the aid of local Council and other actors, to eventually provide housing to people in need: http://www.no-use-emptywest.co.uk/site/case_studies_19.asp?catID=9
    3. Transformation of empty buildings/factories into social centres or other multi-activity hub (temporary and long-term), upon agreement with municipality / property owners / users. Example of a non-profit, user-driven venue in Denmark: http://platform4.dk/about

    • Thanks Lorna. It’s still early days for the idea (and is still being carried out as a part-time innovation project) so the idea itself is changing/growing as it progresses. (If you’ve any suggestions with regards to Beta itself, it would be great to hear them.)

      Regarding the remainder of your idea, there’s loads of info there so thanks for that and we’ll look into it. 🙂

  5. Krisitans says:

    Hi! I have sent you email and message on FB, but never got a response.
    I would love to get some feedback on my smart bicycle stand (byrak) offer.

  6. Michelle says:

    This is a fabulous idea. It looks very contemporary. We definitely need more seating to allow people to relax and just enjoy the City. Well done!

  7. love it, let me know if I can help!


  8. nick says:

    Great idea, did you ever check out what NYC done on Broadway? They turned huge parts of it into seating areas twas bril idea having seen it before nd after.

  9. Andrew says:

    This is an amazing idea, please build more! 😀

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