1% Difference Dublin

[Update 23/11/13]

There are four ways that you can get involved with Dublin City Beta Projects and Give Dublin 1%…

  1. (Beta Project macro) Support the Dublin City Beta Projects initiative itself.
  2. (Beta Project macro) Get involved with a Beta Project macro.
  3. (Beta Project micro) Become a Neighbourhood Champion 
  4. (Beta Project micro) Become a Neighbourhood Agent

These are further explained below!

Your Dublin 1%!

For all of these roles, we’re asking people to give 1% of their time to Dublin. 1% of your time equates to about 10 minutes per day, or 1 hour per week, or 2.5 days per year.

We’ve registered for The 1% Difference – see here.

The One Percent Difference

We’re suggesting that you give that time either to Dublin (Beta Projects macro) or to a local area in Dublin (Beta Projects micro)…for example the neighbourhood where you live or work, or perhaps an area of Dublin that you just love…”Your Dublin 1%!

(Lucan as an example of a One Percent Difference Town.)

We would hope (Beta is a trial…so let’s see how it works out!) to be able to support your time with the 1% Innovation Fund.

1. (Beta Project macro) Support the Dublin City Beta Projects initiative itself.

2.  (Beta Project macro) 

People in Dublin (and indeed many outside of Dublin and even Ireland) regularly contribute to various Beta Projects…whether it’s suggesting issues or opportunities, or giving feedback or support (‘sharing’, ‘retweeting’, etc) on social media, or commenting on the blog.

Example: Antoin is the highest contributor to this blog (with 10 comments as of date of writing), and his comments are always very thorough with useful links to information and so on. We’d consider that him doing his ‘1% for Dublin’!

Other people might create something which allows a Beta Project to be tested. For example Dave creating this parklet for this Parklet Beta Project (macro).

3.  (Beta Project micro) Become a Neighbourhood Champion 

There are certain neighbourhood roles which we’re (provisionally) calling ‘Project Champions‘.

Example: Based on the 2 people who had ‘administrator’ roles in the Traffic Light Box Artworks Beta Project and the Walls Walls Walls Beta Project, it would appear that perhaps such a role might take a maximum of 1% of someone’s year.

4.  (Beta Project micro) Become a Neighbourhood Agent 

There are certain neighbourhood roles which we’re (provisionally) calling ‘Project Agents’ – and we’ll shortly be specifically blogging on these.

So, would all roles be unpaid?

No. For roles which are greater (within reason) than someone’s One Percent, we think that it’s only right that people should be fairly paid for their time.

Some roles might simply be ‘big jobs’ in themselves, and wouldn’t work well if divided into lots of mini – less than 1% – tasks. For example, imagine a role in which someone (a non-Council person) has the role of administering all of the Project Champions in their area, or organising local meetings, or collecting measurements on some or all of the 14 metrics in the Beta Projects Report Card that would be produced at the end of a Beta Project micro which was carried out in their neighbourhood…such a role would likely take a large chunk of their time (way more than 1%) and so should be a paid role.

Feedback please!

Like all aspects of Dublin City Beta Projects this is simply a trial…and feedback and suggestions are ALWAYS sought…simply comment below or get in touch!


4 Responses to 1% Difference Dublin

  1. David says:

    Hi, what should I do to make run an art and painting in the street to improve the city?

  2. Samantha Mc Caffrey says:

    Think the Beta project is great and it got us thinking here at the centre…
    The Volunteer Centre at Dublin City North cleans the Royal Canal every month. On October 12th, 2013 we will be hosting the first ever Royal Canal Day. We’ll be cleaning all along the Royal Canal from the city centre to Blanchardstown with volunteers and local groups. Royal Canal Day is also a celebration to the canal and different groups have got involved to make it as fun as possible…there will be community choirs singing the Auld Triangle, a dance performance and walks and talks about the life and history of the areas around it. A couple of youth groups are interested in creating murals along the canal, there are many walls, hoardings and an electricity box building that could do with some colour. Could this be a Beta project? Is anyone interested in getting involved with us?

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