Report Card – Bike Hangar

What was the outcome of the Bike Hangar Beta Project?

Ed (one of the participants) at the bike hangar

Please use the hashtag #BikeHangarBeta on social media to help everyone follow the conversation.

Before-During-After comparison…

Beta Project - Bike Hangar - Before-During-End-After Comparisons

Full Report Card:

Full Report Card thumbnail

What’s Next?

This Report Card is being made available under the Beta Projects Report Cards ‘get it out as early as possible’ approach. (Note the version number on the bottom of the Report Card.)

It will now be circulated and discussed internally amongst the various City Council departments (and anyone else that we may need to discuss it with) and we’ll update this section and reissue with the proposed ‘next steps’ as soon as we can.

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About Dublin City Council beta

Dublin City Council are trying a new method called DCC Beta Projects...your input, then quick trials 'on the street', then your feedback! We'd LOVE your help!
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5 Responses to Report Card – Bike Hangar

  1. Really like this format, especially with the blog as a function to comment. Very interesting report card. Long term wise it would be interesting to see whether people who had little space would consider buying bikes or changing their behaviour, but much harder to measure from such a pilot. Nice work!


    • Hi Dyfrig, thanks a million for the feedback!

      Do you mean the commenting function on the general discussion of each project, or on the Report Card specifically, or both? 🙂

      Re the “little space”, do you mean whether the introduction of hangars to city streets would perhaps trigger those who didn’t cycle or own a bike to then buy one? Interesting point! (It perhaps would also overlap with Dublin Bikes…which likely act as a ‘gateway drug’.)

      • Sorry for the slow response, I was in various places in North Wales last week! I think I originally meant that I could comment on the Report Card, but I actually think it’s more than that. Having the Report Card part of a blog allows the Report Card to be placed in context and framed with extra information.

        On the ‘space’ part of my comment, that was what I was trying to get at. Speaking as someone who has to chain their bike up outside, having a facility like this might encourage people to invest in bikes. I like the oberlap with Dublin Bikes too – could be a useful way to change behaviour.

        Hope my comment makes more sense this time!

  2. Simon Comer says:

    Very interesting project overall. Can’t see the details just now, unfortunately, as viewing on smartphone. Instant reaction to this specific idea is: why all the fuss over placing bike storage on the road? DCC and every other local authority has — for decades — been making public roads available for the storage of private cars, vans and trucks. Now that bike storage is proposed, all of a sudden concerns are raised about safety and aesthetics. The Beta idea is great, but let’s not complicate the approach by forgetting to use common sense, logic and basic awareness of reality. We have to stop viewing everything through a windscreen or from a car owner’s perspective.

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