Beta Projects – Priorities

What do you think of the below format for listing prioritised projects?

We spotted one of those ‘manage your daily workload’ type pieces online which suggested people organise their day in a format similar to the below image. (Focus on one big item that day, a few medium items, and finally lots of small, quick, items.)

We thought that it might also be a useful way to graphically show what’s proposed (for internal City Council sign-off), and what’s currently being explored (for everyone else).Beta Project Priortiy Boxes - version 1.0

We’ve needed to…

  1. Find a way for management to sign-off on staff being able to spend time on projects.
    • Staff finding time is probably the largest friction point at present from developing, delivering and reporting on trials.)
  2. Find a way for management sign-off on the larger themes.
    • By their very nature, they’re much larger and longer term, so need more senior input.
  3. Find a way to allow individual citizen and staff ideas to be run in parallel with the larger issues and opportunities of the city.
    • The big issues in a city are just that – big issues that need to be addressed. On the other hand, if smaller ideas need to ‘wait their turn’ before they get a chance at the table, then you’ll never get to them.
    • It’s also the smaller projects that enable individual citizens and Dublin City Council staff to most easily get involved and develop their ‘Beta skills’…and are often extremely popular due to their simplicity!
  4. Show people what people are actively working on (or trying to).
  5. Try to convey a better sense of what long-term we’d like to be looking at.

Top 1 Box – Enabling Platform

Up the top is ‘Dublin City Council Beta Projects’ itself. It’s the priority as it’s what enables everything else to happen.

That varies from finding ways for internal staff to work on projects, to developing a better website, to making presentations to elected councillors about the concept, branding, finances, developing the internal network of innovators within Dublin City Council, etc.

Middle 3 Boxes – Themes

Over time, clear major themes become apparent – particularly when they’re coming from multiple sources (eg residents, businesses, internal staff viewpoints, and also City Council corporate policy).

It makes sense that these should align with citywide surveys or conversations (the 3 mentioned above fit into the first 3 themes that Designing Dublin found).

These are usually so large that they’ll actually require multiple individual Beta Projects to explore them…and therefore as a result, these will tend to remain on this ‘list’ for a much longer period. (Or to put it another way, this is a good way for Dublin City Council to show that it’s committing to try to find a better way to address the theme in question.)

Bottom 9 Boxes – Individual Projects

The bottom section is the organic part, which chops and changes as new projects are suggested and drop off the list (when either finished or become stuck and so taken off this list for a while).

Projects Listed Above

The projects listed above are what we’re currently hoping to focus on. (Just not the usual caveat that Beta is also in beta, so subject always to lots of uncertainty and changing.)

There’s also this Beta Pipeline if you’re looking for much more detail, but at the moment, that’s mainly useful for us internally.

What do you think of this approach? Any suggestions on the format?


About Dublin City Council beta

Dublin City Council are trying a new method called DCC Beta Projects...your input, then quick trials 'on the street', then your feedback! We'd LOVE your help!
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