Dublin City Beta Projects & Digital (& more…)

We’d like to briefly mention two new ‘digital’ developments.

  1. The Beta mechanism was included in a new ‘Dublin Digital Masterplan‘ (which was produced as a result of this group).
    • At this stage it’s simply the inclusion of the concept, and how it will work, we will develop the idea as it proceeds (as Beta has to date). This development will be based on your comments and suggestions, and our observations and queries.
  2. We’ve helped kickstart a ‘CoderDojo for Adults‘ and we’re calling it ‘Code For Dublin’. (Thanks to Eugene for meeting us for coffee, for immediately understanding what we were trying to do and why, and finally for spotting the opportunity to kick this off.)
    • It’s piggy-backing onto this project, and it’s worth noting that Beta isn’t directly interested in the project itself (as it’s probably not citywide+concept+scalable)…but naturally with our Dublin City Council cap on, we’re hugely supportive and think it’s a fantastic idea. The reason we’re mentioning this? If you’ve any suggestions on the Lockout/Tenement project, you’re best to send it to them directly to the project organisers (see the ‘contact us’ on their web page http://dublintenementexperience.com/), as we don’t expect to have any direct involvement.
    • Equally if you’ve any queries or requests to get involved – send them directly to Eugene at CoderDojoEx – as again, we’re just facilitating/supporting, we’re not directly involved!
    • Again, the idea will evolve as it goes, and everthing from what-the-group does, is comprised of, is called…is all up for evolving. Perhaps the end outcome will be that it will grow into a great resource for Dublin, or perhaps it will simply merge with an existing group…it’s (like everything we do) an experiment. So if you’ve any suggestions about such a group (in a general citywide way), please give us a shout!

Why these two digital aspects to Beta?

1. All of the physical Beta Projects to date naturally evolve (like pretty much any item in the world these days) towards having a digital aspect. For example…

  • Might discussions (and decision-making) within communities and neighbourhoods in Dublin be facilitated by a multitude of online means?
  • Traffic Light Box Artworks: If you imagine this concept being rolled out citywide, it might be by applying via a website with mapped traffic light boxes, ways to directly link to the relevant person who created the art piece, perhaps ways to ‘vote’ for your favourite art piece…and so on.
  • Street Corner Signs: If you have a read of that Beta Project, you will see that it’s riddled with potential digital aspects.
  • Street Art: If you were to imagine a Curated Wall in each Dublin neighbourhood, or perhaps a Dublin with lots of ‘Approved Walls‘, how might that be managed, how might people know where they were? Well online would be the obvious solution.
  • We could give a ton more examples, but we’ll leave it at that.

2. Equally many ideas/solutions that would make for an even better Dublin will be purely digital (and conversely, very often they will have an indirect physical aspect).

About Dublin City Council beta

Dublin City Council are trying a new method called DCC Beta Projects...your input, then quick trials 'on the street', then your feedback! We'd LOVE your help!
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