Dublin Street Gallery

As we all know, there are a large number of vacant shops in Dublin. Could they be used in some temporary way?

We have received a few suggestions that vacant shop fronts could be used as a platform for emerging artists – that exposes them to the world.

The form of this Beta is Tommie’s (below) interpretation of that idea. He suggests that it’s like a  hybrid between a physical and online/virtual gallery…a “traditional gallery in the digital age”.

As his idea doesn’t require public-access to the property (just access for an hour or two to hang the art, and an hour or two to take it down again), it should be simple from an insurance point-of-view. (This is a Beta, in a DCC property, so our insurances simply extend around it in this instance.)

At night, this Beta will simply using the light of the street…no internal lights to be switched on/off (with access, fire and insurance considerations), and no complications with electricity bills. There’s also no need for heating as there’s no public-access required.

As it’s simple to set up, take down, or move, this gallery (or these types of galleries) could be in multiple locations. They could move quickly if a landlord gets a paying tenant. They could be erected quickly after a property becomes vacant.

This DCC Beta will be in place for two weeks, and none of the art is directly for sale.

  • What do you think of the idea? What do you like / dislike about the idea? Why?
  • Is it unfair to ‘traditional’ galleries (they’ve to rent premises, pay rates, utilities, etc) or is it a different niche? Or would it make people more aware of art and so indirectly help galleries?
  • Would it improve the experience on a street and so indirectly help other businesses?
  • If you think it’s a good idea, are there other ways that you would suggest doing it, or developing the idea?
  • Are there any ‘conditions’ that you would place on the idea? For example, should it be limited to artists who have never exhibited in a commercial gallery, or only students, or only artists in their first year after university (however many wouldn’t have taken the ‘formal’ route)…or so on?
  • How else could the concept be used? (For example,  politics, architecture, crafts, music, community…etc.)
  • How would you develop the online aspect of the idea? (Here’s the online starter point that Tommie created – http://dublinstreetgallery.webs.com/)

Update 24/10/12:

If you’ve comments on the Beta itself – the idea, or the form it takes, etc – please contact DCC Beta in the usual ways.

If you would like to submit images of your work for selection (or would like to support the project in any way) you might like to contact Tommie.

You should note that as this is a DCC Beta, we’ve no idea yet of the future of this idea, or whether it will or should be expanded, or what form it could take in future, whether Tommie will be involved, or so on! 🙂

About Dublin City Council beta

Dublin City Council are trying a new method called DCC Beta Projects...your input, then quick trials 'on the street', then your feedback! We'd LOVE your help!
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3 Responses to Dublin Street Gallery

  1. Great idea Shane, perhaps if it were limited to artists who hadn’t exhibited in a commercial gallery before (students or otherwise) that would make it a different niche and help with point 2. Although I think if nobody’s earning money from the street gallery it is a different niche anyway, I think the focus should be more on the enhancing the streets aspect, with the added bonus of exposure for the artists. Certainly a massive improvement on vacant shop fronts anyway.

  2. DCCbeta says:

    Thanks Holly, cheers for the feedback.

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