Dublin City Council beta

Dublin City and Dublin City Council needs to find a better way to discuss and trial ideas.

We’re exploring how we might develop such a better approach. We’re calling this approach and ethos Dublin City Council beta and calling the individual trials Beta Projects.

Pictured: Street conversations by council and non-council staff during Designing Dublin.

Beta - Traffic Light Box 1 - Holly+Cathal 3
Pictured: Traffic light box artworks Beta Project by Holly Johnson and Cathal McCoy.

This is a Dublin City Council project initiated as an ‘innovation time project’ and being developed ‘bottom-up’ by Dublin City Council staff. It’s also a trial – itself “in beta”.

Read more about Dublin City Council beta.
Read more about Beta Projects.

Update 26/06/14: This website/blog is being updated at the minute – to Beta version 4 if we’re to get fancy about it :) – so please excuse any confusing layout, duplicate content, missing links, or password-protected tabs.

2 Responses to Dublin City Council beta

  1. Mary Russell says:

    Are u looking for suggestions abt making dublin more accessible to visitors?

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